CISCRP (the organization responsible for information on clinical research participation), wanted to introduce clinical trials to under-served communities, and to explain the value of taking part in them.

Using the notion that modern medicines cannot exist without clinical trials. We made this a tangible reality in Broad Street, Newark by creating the MT Pharmacy, a retail pharmacy with nothing on the shelves.

Shoppers were greeted by a 'pharmacist' who explained that without clinical trials we wouldn't have approved medicines, and the world's pharmacies would look like this.

To involve the shoppers even more and to get them to consider clinical trials on a personal level, we asked them to think of a medicine they would like to discover and the loved one they’d like it for.

They then wrote this down on a blank pack and placed the pack on one of the empty shelves.

At the end of the day, all the shelves were full. A bit like how clinical trials fill the shelves in a regular pharmacy. Bringing medicines to life.

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